You’ll never believe what this point on your ear can do. Press once and WOW!

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a button on your body that you could press and instantly be re-booted and refreshed from whatever ailment you are suffering from?
Well it turns out we all have that button and pressing it can relieve all kinds of ailments such as stress, anxiety, allergies, headaches, addiction, inflammation, depression, and pain. This goes back to the centuries old knowledge from the Chinese. The “button” is a point on the human ear called the Shen Men Point (aka “Heavenly Gate”). Located on the external ear, this acupuncture pressure point has been used effectively as part of the Chinese healing arts.

Locate the point on your outer ear then stimulate it by pinching it using your index finger and thumb.

Try massaging this point 1-2 times a day by making a circular motion over your ears skin for about a minute.

Here are video instructions for locating, and activating, this healing point.