What This Mother Did With Her Down Syndrome Baby Is Totally Unacceptable

A 21-year-old mother has come under fire online and from her community after a video surfaced of the mom being very rough with her son, who has Down’s Syndrome.

Courtney Stewart has found herself the target of harassment and concern after the video, which was recorded by a concerned mother, was uploaded to Facebook

The footage shows Stewart dropping the toddler from abount shoulder height before then dragging him around the castle. The boy’s neck is jolted backwards after the drop, and he tries to crawl away before his mother grabs him by the ankle and drags him, backward.

Neighbors had apparently been concerned for the boy’s safety for quite sometime, beginning when Stewart shared a picture of her son jammed into a washing machine on Facebook. In the picture, the boy’s eyes are closed and his mouth is open, and it’s unclear whether the boy is laughing or crying.

Stewart defended the photo, saying that he is obsessed with the washing machine and had climbed into the unplugged appliance on his own. She claims she only posted the picture to Facebook ‘as a laugh.’

The video is difficult to watch, as it shows the boy being bounced around violently. He cannot control the bouncing as his mom jumps too close before picking him up and dropping him. ‘The wee boy could have suffered an injury, something needs to be done about this,’ said the woman who caught the incident on film.
Stewart, however, doesn’t understand what all the concern is about, saying, ‘I don’t know who reported it. I really don’t know why they’d do that. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous.’ She added that she’d been visited by two police officers who are investigating the situation.
She also added that she’s suffered a lot of harassment since the washing machine picture was first uploaded to Facebook, saying that she and her family had to flee their home because of all the threats she was receiving.