Mysterious ‘Man-Like Creature’ Caught On Film Roaming Through Portuguese Desert

Monsters have always been both a nightmare and fascination for many. While we associate monsters as mythical creatures, there are indeed real life animals out there who are very monster-like in appearance.

Yet it’s those mystery monsters which fascinate us so. The thought of lurking deep within a forest or deep down in the ocean, these are monsters which we want to believe could in fact exist. And perhaps, maybe they do exist.

The most famous man-like monster is Bigfoot aka Sasquatch or Yeti. The infamous Patterson-Gimlin footage of Bigfoot taken in 1967 fascinated many as it increased the chances that perhaps this was a monster that was indeed real.
Now we have a new “monster” that has surfaced. One we haven’t seen before. Straight out of Portugal, in the middle of the desert, emerges a freaky monster that was captured by a cameraman. Is this the real deal?