3 School Boys Rape Dog While On A Hunting Trip !

While hunting in Pretoria, South Africa, three school aged boys have allegedly admitted to raping a dog. The dog’s owner had agreed to let the boys take the dog hunting with them. When the boys told a friend at school about what they did, the student reported the crime to school officials. The dog’s owner was notified as well as the parent of the three boys.
Michael Motloung, a spokesperson for the SPCA, said the boys have been charged with animal cruelty and the authorities are working to have the maximum punishment handed down. The dog was seen by a veterinarian, but none of the results have been released to the public. Motloung said that the word has to get out that abusing animals is not tolerated.
Take a look at this poor darling

Hopefully, the home life of the dog will be looked at too. From the picture, it looks like the dog needs help. Share away, people.