Girl Who Was Raped And Pregnant At 12 By Her Brother Looks Back At What She's Overcome

When 11-year-old Tressa Middleton started noticing changes in her body, her friend suggested she might be pregnant. In most cases, that would just be the silly imagination of a child, but in Tressa's case, it was true. Not only was she pregnant, but it was her older brother's child through rape. She gave birth at the too-young age of 12. Now, 9 years later, Tressa is telling her story.

It's been nine years since Tressa Middleton gave birth. She's now 21 and telling her harrowing story. She recently made an appearance on ITV'sThis Morning.

Even before her rape, Tressa's life was a struggle. She spent much of her childhood in foster care since her mother was homeless.