Daughter’s Hidden Camera Catches The Brutal Beating Of 94 Year Old Grandma

When people think they aren’t being watched they can be awful; luckily this woman had a camera.

#1 Mother With Alzheimer’s

Miriam Marino hired this caretaker to look after her 94 year old mother while she was gone. After receiving a warning from a suspicious neighbor Marino placed a hidden camera in the living room and what she found was awful. The footage she posted on social media is meant to be a warning to others.

Another Day

On a different day there appears to be still shots of the “caretaker” pulling the senile woman up by her hair for no reason. She was also caught kicking and screaming at the poor old woman. Marino has notified police but there is no word about the investigation.

 A True Animal

The caretaker had been working for the family for years, and it’s terrifying to think this had been going on for that long. A person with Alzheimer’s is defenseless and confused when something like this happens. This is the epitome of sadness.

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