Town Mourns Missing Girl. 11 Days Later, Man Walking Dog In Woods Finds UNTHINKABLE

What would you do if your only child or grandchild had gone missing? Who would you turn to first? Parents naturally keep an emergency plan in mind, however simple or detailed they choose to make it, of what they would do should one of their biggest fears take form, in losing the whereabouts of their child.

For one mother and daughter in the Siberian taiga of Republic Sakha, rescue aid came in multiple forms, perhaps unusual, but not the least bit disappointing.
Karina became lost four miles from her home. The four-year-old girl had left home to follow after her father who was traveling to his own village. Her mother believed Karina and her dog left together, wandering through the tall grasses on the outskirts of the village.
The area had no cell service or a way to easily track the little girl. She survived on her own, hidden in the grass, by eating berries and drinking river water.
A search committee was sent out, but became greatly discouraged after finding Karina’s puppy had returned home alone, nine days after she went missing.
“That was the moment when our hearts sank, because we thought at least with her dog Karina had chances to survive – night in Yakutia are cold and some areas have already gone into minus temperatures.
“If she was to hug her puppy, we thought, this would have given her a chance to stay warm during nights and survive.
“So when her dog came back we thought ‘that’s it’ – even if she was alive – and chances were slim – now she would have definitely have lost all hopes. Our hearts truly and deeply sank.”
But the puppy hadn’t returned home to stay.
“It was Karina’s puppy that helped the adults find the girl,” said a report by NTV news. “When it came back home two days ago her family had lost hope, thinking this definitely meant Karina had no chance. But then it was the puppy that showed rescuers the way to Karina, and in the morning she was found,” the report said.
Incredibly, Karina had survived a total of 11 days on her own in an area indwelled by wild bears and wolves, with only minor scratches and bug bites.