Meet The Man Who Has Lovingly Taken Care Of a Grizzly Bear For 37 Years

At first glance, this 1,240 pound grizzly bear looks like he could rip Doug apart with his claws. And he can!
BUT, he would never do it, because he loves Doug, as Doug has been his care taker for his entire life. Their unique friendship began in 1977 when Doug adopted Bart from a zoo and trained him to be in films.

Bart the bear has appeared in hundreds of films, including The Bear, The Great Outdoors, Legends of the Fall, Clan of the Cave Bear, and The Edge, and he has even appeared backstage at the Academy Awards.

Doug says the key to training these animals is to maintain control, because as very intelligent animals they will test their limits and see what they can get away with.
Aware that the grizzly’s future as it still remains today is quite uncertain, Doug decided to buy some property in Montana—habit deemed not just appropriate and suitable, but considered prime habitat for grizzly bears.

He purchased 240 acres of wild land adjoining protected land in Pine Butte Preserve along Montana’s eastern front of the Rocky Mountains.