Warning For All The Parents! This Little Boy Died After These Strange Rash Appeared On His Hand!

#1 This Boy Is Dead And People Are Blaming The Doctors
Keith Pierce was ten years old when he died. And the reason for his death was preventable, because he died from a Brown Recluse Spider.

#2 His Leg Was Incredibly Swollen
After being bitten, Keith's leg got incredibly swollen. He was taken to the hospital soon after, but amazingly the doctors sent him home!

#3 He Was A Talented Football Player
The talented football player was sure he had been bitten by a spider. But the doctors first thought it was cancer,a dn once that was ruled out, they sent him home, where it got worse.

#4 He Died From Severe Sepsis
According to the doctors, he died from severe Sepsis. The Brown Recluse spider has a venomous bite, and the bacteria build up ended up killing Keith.
#5 They Tried Surgery
They tried to give the boy emergency surgery, but he never woke up. Now people are wondering what exactly went wrong during the surgery.

#6 He Will Be Missed
Keith is missed not just by his family, but by the entire community. He was actively involved in sports, and all the coaches loved him. The community is now raising money to help his family with the burial costs.