Tonight The Star of Bethlehem Reappears for First Time since the Birth of Christ

Tonight: Venus, the planet named after the Goddess of Love, and Jupiter, the planet named after the God of Thunder, are crossing each others paths. To us, it will look like there is a ‘double star’ in the sky. If you’ve been watching, you will have seen them growing ever closer the past couple of weeks, and growing dangerously closer the past few nights!

From where we are, it will appear as though they’re almost touching. In reality, they are 416 million miles apart!!

What’s amazing is that they actually look very similar in size, even though Jupiter is by far the largest planet in our solar system, where as Venus is quite small, even smaller than the Earth.
This meeting in the sky is known as a conjunction. This conjunction between Jupiter and Venus usually isn’t rare, but this is the closest they will have been in 2,000 years! Together, they create the rare Star of Bethlehem. 
The Star of Bethlehem Prophecy
The last time that this event occurred, it was said that the holy spirit of Christ came to the planet in an incarnation of a young newborn baby boy. Many on the internet are in wild debate and discussion about what this star means, or what meaning they can extract from it, at the very least.
Many are saying this is a sign of the end times, (some data on that here) and many are saying it is a sign of Christ returning.. (some stuff about that here)... Obviously, it’s difficult to extract specific meaning especially since our method of observation on stuff like this is very hard-lined science on one side, and very spiritual mystical information which sometimes doesn’t have as much tangibility as we would like.
We recently wrote some articles that sort of allude to both of these sides of the equation.