Press These Points on Your Baby’s Feet to Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

#1 Reflexology

The ancient Chinese practice of Reflexology has taken over the West as well, and can help with numerous serious illnesses. Baby’s have been known to calm down when the treatment is practiced on them…specifically their feet.

#2 Head/Teeth

For problems in the head or teeth, rub their toes to calm the pain….especially a serious ear infection or when teething.

#3 Sinuses

Runny nose, respatory issues or a common cold can all be reduced by pressing on the center of the toes.

#4 Chest

Congestion in the chest will be reduced if you massage just above where your child’s foot arches. Phlegm buildup will be reduced and removed if you continue to massage this spot.

#5 Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus is the group of nerves in between your lungs and stomach, and contains plenty of nerve endings which could be damaged. Press the upper arch to relieve this pain in a child.

#6 Upper & Lower Abdomen

The foot arch correlates with the abdomen, so pressing this area can relieve heartburn, bowel obstruction, and other digestive problems.

#7 Pelvis

The heels of the baby’s feet are connected to the pelvis area, so postural problems or muscle tightness will be fixed when this area is continuously massaged.