This Is What It Means When Your Ring Finger Is Longer Than Your Index Finger. Woah.

Many studies have shown that the secret of your personality is hidden in your hands. That’s right and to be more precise the length of your index finger is very important.

Science claims that the ring finger can show the level of the testosterone you were exposed to while you were still in your mother’s womb. Apparently this affects your personality.

So if you have more masculine features and personality, your ring finger is longer than the other fingers.
What do your fingers say about you?

So stretch your hand and observe your fingers. Match them with the diagrams below. If your fingers look like “A”- your ring finger is long, “B”- ring finger is shorter and “C”- ring finger is long as the index finger.
If you fall under “A”:

If you fall under “B”:

If you fall under “C”