Bus Carrying 27 Children Crashes Into An Alligator Pond, But a 10-Year-Old Saves The Day

A surprising hero emerged to save the day when a bus carrying 27 children flipped into a pond filled with 12-foot alligators.
10-year-old Nicholas Sierra immediately sprung into action. As a crossing guard for his school, he knows just how important safety is, and getting his classmates to safety was his number one priority.
He rescued all 26 children onboard the bus from a very dangerous situation.

“Kids were crying and screaming so I grabbed a kindergartner’s arms and put them around my neck and brought her to land,” the fifth grade student recounted the scary incident to local reporters “And then I went back into the bus and grabbed two other kindergartners and also brought them to land.”
It’s not clear why the bus flipped over into the pond, but Nicholas tells WTVT-TV,
“The bus was out of control and I looked at the brakes, and when he kept on stepping on them, they wouldn’t work.”
Parents panicked when they heard the news. Many of them rushed as quickly as they could to the scene to ensure that their children were alright. But thanks to Nicholas, everyone on board made it out alive. Only one child sustained minor injuries.
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