In the last few days in USA, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) destroyed hundreds of containers at the Port of San Francisco. Apparently, these containers were illegally transferred to USA from China.
However, these story would not be so frightening if you didn’t know this. In the illegally transferred containers was found rat meat! Yes, you read correctly!

The weirdest thing in this all situations is the fact that these rat meat was intended to be sold as chicken meat! The whole idea was, all the rat meat to be dispersed through various locations across USA, and at different fast food restaurants to be sold as chicken meat.
The FDA also claims that there might be another 300.000 lbs of rat meat to be offered in groceries and restaurants across USA.
The FDA inspector, Ronal Jones, claims that if cooked completely, this meat is not dangerous. However, you still would not want to eat roasted rat meat, wouldn’t you?
On the other hand, Allen James who is an a FBI inspector, says that this kind of profession will bring tremendous benefit. In his announcement, he specified likewise the instance of opossum meat illegally transported in from Mexico. This is another way of criminal associations to gain profit.
FDA reviewers said that buyers can’t have any kind of effect between this meat and lawful meat. The FDA representative, Jenny Brookside says the FDA can’t find the greater part of the meat that is as of now on the U.S market. The best way to see the distinction between rodent meat and chicken is to decide when this meat has diverse taste than normal.
The FDA made a study in 2014 that demonstrated the stunning number of 36 million of illegally foreign meat that gets to the business food sectors in the U.S.