A Bear Came Out Of The Woods And Approached A Little Girl, But The Family Dog Saved The Day!

Three-year-old Harper Wagner was playing in her backyard when she yelled to her mom for help. A 400-pound black bear had wandered into the family’s backyard and stood just a few feet away from Harper. The bear had roamed near the family’s home before, but only in the evening.
That was when the family’s dog, Chief, came to the rescue!

Harper’s mom, Emily, rescued the lab mix two years ago. Harper and Chief grew up together, and the dog could clearly sense that Emily was in danger. He began biting on the bear’s leg, trying to drag him away from Emily. Then, the other two family dogs swarmed the bear until he disappeared into the woods and climbed a tree.
Emily grabbed her daughter and ran inside to call police. Authorities said they would not kill the bear unless it poses a threat to humans. Emily said she is not mad at the bear, but she will definitely be keeping a close eye on her daughter and dogs when they play outside.
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