World Guinness Record In Boston World’s Biggest Baby Girl Ever Born

en Caroline Ruscak and her husband Bryan went to the hospital to deliver their second baby, they knew she was going to be large. Caroline’s first baby was eleven pounds, so she had already decided to have her second by C-section.
The Boston couple could not have foreseen, however, that their baby would be nearly twice the weight of the average newborn.

Measuring 22 in long and weighing in at 14 lb 5 oz, Carisa was born about the size of a typical six-month-old, and is just a few ounces lighter than a super-size baby born in 2022.
“We’re bigger people in general,” Mrs. Ruscak told CBS Boston. “It just makes sense.”
Caroline said there were audible gasps in the delivery room. Doctors were clearly not expecting the super-size baby either.
Now, Caroline and her beautiful baby are home and healthy, enjoying their time together.