When You See What This Bear Does With That Bale Of Hay, It’ll Steal Your Heart! This Is Pure Gold!..

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Every now and then we need to take few minutes off and slow down. No matter what we do, we need some sort of relaxation after some hours of work. And this is true even for the big and bad creatures in our animal kingdom. They also need some recreation and what they do? Since they have to TVs or game apps in their phones, they play.

This video shows one of the most ferocious animals in the world frolicking and doing forward rolls like there is no tomorrow. He is a huge bear named Hugo who was found as a tiny cub in 2000 and now he lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. He is accompanied by a bale of hay which he found on a frozen ground. He looks clumsy but he seems to be having so much fun rolling around! Hugo will no doubt steal your heart!

Watch this magnificent creature’s playtime in the video below! What did you think of this? Share your thoughts in the comments!