Mysterious Island Is Home To 60,000-Year-Old Community…But Enter And They’ll Kill You

The Sentinelese people have just that, and they’ve been occupying it for 60,000 years. The tiny island in The Indian Ocean is said to be approximately the size of Manhattan!

When you look at images of it from the sky, it does appear to be a little paradise of an island. But stepping foot near the place is a big no-no according to many local fishermen. The occupants have a rep for being ultra hardcore and our highly feared. You likely have to be, in order to occupy an island for 60,000 years!

Matter of fact back in 2006 two men were killed as they were fishing too close to the island. Arrows and rocks are used on low-flying planes or helicopters that are on reconnaissance missions.
The island is located in the Bay of Bengal. It actually belongs to India and remains an enigma, even though it’s been occupied for so long.

Not much is known or understood about this mysterious civilization, including the language they use and the rituals which they partake in!