This Man Was Riding His Bike When He Saw A Strange Light In The Sky, What He Caught On Camera… HOLY SH*T!

Certain times very unusual things happen in the world, and there are things which can't be explained in the normal light of common sense. This is true in many cases. There are a lot of cases where people think that they have seen some alien spaceships, which they call as UFO's. However, certain ex defense ministers have also claimed in last interviews that they have got evidences of something similar, but they are not sure that whether these are aliens which want to communicate with them or else these are something different, i-e some experiments lead by other countries.

In the above GIF's and videos you will see that a man has captured something really different in his camera. His camera shows that some lightening has been done in the sky which is quite unusual sort of lightening. The light has thought to be emerged by some external source or by some aliens, people are thinking that may be aliens wanted to contact with them through some lightening source.
What so ever is the message which aliens wanted to send to the earth, but reality is something different, scientists are trying to decode this phenomenon in terms of physical stuff.