After 77 Years Of Marriage, 100-Yr-Old Man Holds Dying Wife’s Hand For Last Time In Her Final Moments.

When married couples have been together for decades, they become an extension of one another. They get to know each other so well, that they can communicate with just a glance.
It’s not surprising then that after all the time spent side by side, their souls start to have an almost supernatural connection.
Perhaps this is why we commonly see older couples who have been together a really long time pass on from this world just days or hours apart. Like Texas couple, George and Ora Lee, who after being married for 58 years, died within 3 hours from each other.

It makes perfect sense to go to heaven with the one who stuck with you through thick and thin all those years. Recently, a bittersweet photograph showing a couple’s time-tested love has been making its rounds on the internet.
The touching image shows an elderly man and woman facing each other and holding hands as they each lay in separate beds.
The anonymous woman who posted the picture says the two are her grandparents. She writes: “My Grandma, 96, with my Grandpa, 100, hours before her death this weekend. 77 years of marriage.”
Although it must have been a very difficult time, we’re sure they felt at peace knowing that the man their grandmother loved for over seven decades was by her side when she left this world.

Losing someone you adore and have shared a life with must be incredibly difficult and in some cases can cause a condition called broken heart syndrome.
The anxiety and stress of having a loved one close to death or actually passing away can manifest itself physically not just emotionally. When the person experiencing this condition is elderly or frail, they may find their own health quickly deteriorating.
One example of broken heart syndrome is Canadian couple, Jim and Cindy Mininni. After Jim was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he only had a short time left. As his illness progressed, Cindy was so upset and depleted that she suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized.
As Jim was getting closer to the end of his time, he had Cindy brought to his hospital room so they could hold hands as he went on.
Not all of these stories end in heartbreak, however. Some do offer a glimmer of hope. One example is the story of John and Bernice Mullins, married almost 70 years.
While they were both hospitalized for health problems, they were placed in the same room so they could offer each other support and encouragement. The couple got to hold hands throughout their hospital stay and were discharged a short time later.
The husband and wife were able to enjoy another month together before John passed away. It may have only been one month but it was a sweet time that they surely treasured.