What Just Washed Up On A Beach In North Carolina Is So Terrifying, You’ll Swear It Isn’t Real.

Crazy Discovery on North Carolina Beach – Denny Bland was strolling along the beach last October in North Top Sail, North Carolina, when he stumbled across a shocking piece of history. It was a terrifyingly large object that resembled a tooth.

Someone Call the Prehistoric Tooth Fairy – The object was in fact a tooth, belonging to an ancient Megalodon. These guys were huge, making the T-Rex look not so ferocious in comparison. We’re just happy they went extinct 5 million years ago!
This Sea Monster Was a Giant – Just to put things in perspective, the Megalodon could grow up to about 60 ft in length, vastly larger than both our modern day whale shark (in purple) and the great white shark (in green). That Megalodon would eat Jaws like sushi.

Big Teeth for a Big Fish – The tooth on this guy measured 6 inches in length! Just imagine what a mouthful of these would look like. Ouch!

Giant Tooth Carried By Hurricane Winds – It’s speculated that this tooth was brought ashore by the raging fall winds of Hurricane Joaquin sometime last year.
It just makes us think if this is only one of the giants that swam the prehistoric oceans what else existed millions of years ago? And what has yet to be discovered today?