Use One Simple Ingredient to Rid Your Mouth of Tartar, Plaque, and Bad Breath Bacteria

Brushing your teeth has become one of the basic hygienic practices of modern day humans, and with good reason.
Our mouths are some of the dirtiest places in the world, featuring over 700 different strains of bacteria.  And when we forget to brush, bacteria tends to build up, forming plaque and increasing the risk of gum disease and decay.
While you’ve probably heard that brushing your teeth twice a day is a good place to start,it’s pretty easy to forget, or to find yourself in a situation where you’re without a toothbrush and toothpaste.
Whether you’re in need of a quick mouth cleanser because you’ve forgotten your teeth tools or you simply want to add another layer of hygiene to your cleaning regimen,coconut oil is what you’re looking for.
Help rid your teeth of stains and bacteria buildup by putting two tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth and rinsing/swishing through your teeth for at least five minutes.  Once you’re finished, spit all of it out in the toilet, rather than the sink.
In just a week’s time (35 minutes!) you should notice your oral health improving.  This natural treatment has been used for centuries and is said to work better than toothpaste.
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