This Old Man Poses with His 12-year-old Bride in Full Public View; Know Why!

Child marriage or child bride is of one of the major social issues across the globe.
Despite it being banned in many parts of the world, there are many countries where it is legal to get married with a girl as young as 12 years.
And this probably the reason why people recently saw a 65-year-old man hugging his 12-year-old bride and posing for photographs in wedding outfits in Times Square.

While many onlookers were left awestruck and stood idly, some people decided to step in.
A man showed his concern and wanted to know how old the child is along with the legality of the ‘marriage’.

“This is not right! And I'm sure if we called the cops, you would get locked up!" he said.
One woman asked the girl if she was OK, but before the schoolgirl could reply the elderly man said it was fine as he had her parents' permission.

But later people came to that YouTube star Coby Persin staged a fake wedding shoot in Times Square in a bid to raise awareness about the social issue.