The Nurses Can’t Stop Him And It’s Only When He Begins To Bleed That He Stops Wagging His Tail

A dog roaming the streets with open wounds is definitely not something any dog lover wants to see. No telling the neglect, abuse and abandonment this dog suffered through. Such was the case in Brockton, Massachusetts where animal activists found this dog in horrible shape, and when they were able to get closer and examine further, it was worse than they thought.
After washing off the dogs and checking out his wounds, they figured the dog to be around 1. Unfortunately, he was a mere 15 pounds.

Finally the dog became trusting, after an initial period of naturally being skeptical of humans. Once he realized that everything was alright, and his surroundings were safe, he became very happy and excited, and wagged his tail manically to show it. Matter of fact they call this “Happy Tail” syndrome! But, it’s actually dangerous as the dog becomes so happy that his tail wags uncontrollably and he can end up hurting himself.Indeed he did end up bleeding from the tail wagging. They eventually got this under control, and brought him to Second Chance Rescue where he awaited adoption.

At Second Chance, it was Alyssa Ellman who recalls her first impression upon seeing this dog: “At first I wanted to cry when I saw him. It broke my heart to see a little guy in such a state.” He is making progress though, with 13 added pounds to his frame and the high prospect that this cutie will be adopted out to a loving and caring family!
Meanwhile his foster mom takes him to the office and he sleeps comfortably in a big bed! What a sweet dog!

They named him XO and thankfully this dog was rescued in time. How someone could abandon this guy is hard to fathom.