The Most Dangerous Tourist Attraction In The World: SHUT DOWN Because Of These Pictures

#1 The Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand

This scene is making a lot of people uncomfortable. A series of these pictures were taken at The Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand.

#2 The Crocodile Farm Is Very Popular

It seems that tourists love to come to this crocodile farm and feed the crocodiles in this ramshackle raft, tossing pieces of beef at them and watching them fight over the food

#3 The Government Is Getting Involved

After these pictures were taken by a taxi driver named Jon Nok, the government and the police have immediately gotten involved. People on social media are also reacting with shock.

#4 People Are Very Concerned

People on Twitter and social media are commenting on how cruel this practice is. The crocodiles are farmed for their skin on a huge scale in Thailand. Also, the police are concerned for the safety of the tourists, as the raft should not have more than 15 people on board at a time.