The cancer is one of the deadliest diseases so this is why the scientists are in constant research for discovering preparations that will finally end this disease. One of these discoveries is a herb which can for only 16 hours kill more than 98% of the cancer cells.
According to researches that were published in “Life Science” the artemisinin which is derived from the herb sweet wormwood or Artemisia annua, it was used in the Chinese medicine and can kill 98% of the cancer cells in less than 16 hours. When only the herb is used, it reduces the cancer cells only by 28% but in combination with iron successfully eliminates cancer almost completely, while the healthy cells remain healthy and do not gain negative effects.
In the past, the artemisinin has been used as a powerful anti- malaria tool and now is proven that is tool against the cancer. In implementation of the experiment was the iron added which often is deposited in breast tissue especially in the infected cell, the artemisinin then attacked the cancer cells while the healthy cells remained intact.Taken all together, the results demonstrate that the artemisinin’s prevention of the “E2F1” transcript factor mediates the destruction of cancer cells of the breast and represents critical transcriptional route by which the artemisinin controls the growth of the reproductive cancer cells.
The iron is deposited in the cancer cells with special receptors which assists in the administration of the cells. And the normal cells have these receptors, only the cancer ones have them in larger quantities and therefore are target combination of the artemisinin and iron.

There were done many experiments which prove that the artemisinin combined with iron can effectively eliminate the disease. For centuries, this derivative was used as a cure in China against malaria.
The malaria parasite cannot survive in presence of artemisinin because it abounds with iron. Hari Lai and Narendra Singh, both bio engineers from the University of Washington were the first to have discovered this. Their research proved that the cancer cells self- destructed or experienced apoptosis. But, this extract until now it has been difficult to be obtained at reasonable prices, and as the interest in it increases this herb could gain acceptable price.