Girl Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide In Tears, Mom Is Sickened When She Looks Inside…

The latest danger to young children can be found at the park. Taking your child to the playground is fun! The playground has jungle gyms, slides, and swings that you probably don’t have in your backyard. Amy Smith took her daughter to the park to play. Amy found a comfy spot to sit and watch her little one play.
Her daughter, Demi-Mai, headed straight for the slide! But came out screaming with blood dripping down her leg! Someone had put broken glass on the slide for the sole purpose of hurting children. Demi-Mai was badly cut and had several pieces of glass stuck in her leg. Amy rushed Demi-Mai to the hospital; Demi-Mai is recovering at home.

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Amy is spreading the word telling parents to check the playground equipment for potential dangers. This is a sad statement about our world today. Hurting children on purpose is despicable. Share away, people.!